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Eager to compete for the title of the one eyed King, Vex Ghoul is certainly a creature to watch out for. As far as explosive sound goes, that's Vex Ghoul. He makes hype music enough said, but why not keep saying? If you need an energy boost this is the type of music you charge up with. Native to the DMV, and a recent edition to CLXXD Music team its very clear we are seeing a natural born star. From the stylish outfits to the flashy jewels you would think that's enough to accessorize with but for Vex Ghoul, he needed a pair of horns. A hairstyle he's adopted into his every day attire, not a simple add to a outfit. Its a statement that makes this rapper stand out among many

His recent release “Vex Ghoul’s Random Mix” proves this with a menagerie of songs that really paint his personality. It has alot of chill vibes such as “SwiffWalk”, to songs with hype like "IDontGiveAShit". In music Vex Ghoul has made it a cardinal rule to his creation process to never talk about gun violence or killing people while still making it sound hype and fun. From the style, to the persona, to the music quality, you can tell why CLXXD would choose such an artist. He fully embraces the idea of fun and creative. Truly an artist to watch out for. 

"Music needs a change, theres too much violence in it already enough for me to be adding to it. too much death and not enough people talking about living. I'm from Maryland you know, Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Probably the world to be honest next to Chicago. I think we hear enough violence, I want to be different from that." - Vex Ghoul on violence in music. 

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