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An Album on the island, and how Blake G built support though freestyling on twitter.

Blake G recently Dropped his album island. Vaze invited him on the show to discuss the process he used to develop the album and the trials he went through in its making. They discuss the album's ins and outs while doing a speed drawing contest with penalty freestyles.

Blake G also briefly discussed how he started his iconic twitter freestyles that gained him a major following on his social platforms. In these videos he takes twitter responses and formulates a whole rap based on each response or strings them together into a rap that go usually a minute or two depending on the total amount of responses. It's truly interesting and shows Blake G really practices his craft and deserves the title of a rapper. In an age where most artist don't even write their own music let alone think it, seeing an artist show where their content comes from is beyond genuine.

Below are pictures from the speed drawing contest, a banana bush, a business Buddha, A pimp catfish, and a wakaflockapuss.

From what you can see, Blake G won this battle.

Vaze "It was a very intense battle, I've never had to rap about a wakaflockapuss and was extremely flabbergasted".

You can watch the whole video above and be sure to stream Blake G's album Island on spotify.

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